University of Wollongong (School of Geography and Sustainable Communities; Australian Centre for Culture, Environment, Society & Space – ACCESS)

Start date: Feb 2017—present

Position Title:

  • Honorary Associate Fellow
  • Online Teaching and Learning Developer
  • Research Associate on UoW Jindaola Knowledge Grant – titled: A love of Country: mapping and re-imagining a UoW geography curriculum’
  • ACCESS Social media officer

Macquarie University PACE (Professional and Community Engagement) Initiative

Start date: June 2014—2017

Position Title: Research Associate – Office of Learning and Teaching Strategic Priority

Project: Classroom of Many Cultures: co-creating support curriculum with international community partners and students.

Project team: Professor Greg Downey, Associate Professor Kate Lloyd, Dr Rebecca Bilous, Dr Michaela Baker, Dr Maria Amigo, Dr Felicity Rawlings-Senaei

Synopsis: The ‘Classroom of Many Cultures” project aims to co-create teaching materials with PACE International partners from Peru, Cambodia, India, Vietnam, Malaysia, Philippines and Fiji to inform student pre-departure and re-entry curriculum.

Macquarie University (Department of Geography and Planning)

Start date: Feb 2010—2017

Position Title: Research Assistant

Project – Harming/restoring waters: Researching water cultures along the Cudgegong and Goulburn Rivers (Feb 2015—present)

. Project – From research to teaching and back again: extending academic research relationships into the PACE sphere. Learning to share, sharing to learn: More-Than-Human Sharing/Learning as Bawaka Country

Project – Learning in later years: resources bridging undergraduate  students with postgraduate study

Project – Health Studies Graduate Capabilities Project (Feb 2010—2011)

Project – Urban Planning Project (Feb 2010—2011)

Project – Measuring Gender Equality Outcomes of Economic Growth in the Pacific (AusAID funded research project) (Feb 2010—2011)

Macquarie University PACE (Professional and Community Engagement) Initiative

Start date: July 2011—May 2015

Position Title: Research Assistant/Co-investigator

Project 1: PACE International: Partner Perspectives Project (2013 – 2015)

Project 2: PACE Ethics Protocol Working Party (2012 – 2015)

Project 3: PACE Student pre-departure module (2014)

Project 4: PACE Regional Pilot Evaluation report: linking students with Indigenous communities: 300-level Northern Territory field trip (2011)